1235 O Aluminum foil for food pouch

1235 Aluminum foil is metal, and food aluminum foil pouch are made of soft aluminum foil. It has excellent moisture resistance, gas resistance and light resistance, meanwhile it is completely impervious to moisture, air, and light, and has high resistance Heat resistance and oil resistance, 1235 aluminum foil material is a necessary material for high temperature cooking bags.
The current food packaging is mainly to protect the safety of food and easy to use. However, with the development of the food industry and the change of people's consumption concepts now, some foods are over-packed, and the current products are developing rapidly. Packaging has also become richer. Until now, all goods require packaging printing. What about the development of printed aluminum foil as a product in the packaging industry?
1235 O Aluminum foil for food pouch has good sealing performance and good barrier properties. The aluminum foil has fewer pinholes. However, if it has pinholes, its barrier properties will be greatly reduced, gas and light will quickly and directly penetrate, and the product will be deteriorated and damaged. 1235 O Aluminum foil for food pouch is soft and easy to crack. To have good resistance, 1235 O Aluminum foil for food pouch should be stored in a dry state and should not be left for too long. It should be used as soon as possible to avoid aluminum foil absorbing and oxidizing.


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