Main use of aluminum

Aluminum is a light metal whose compounds are widely distributed in nature, and aluminum is second only to oxygen and silicon in the earth's crust. Among the metal varieties, aluminum is second only to steel and is the second largest metal. Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties. One of the most commonly used industrial metals today is not only light weight, firm texture, but also good ductility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and nuclear radiation resistance. The important basic raw materials.
In the past 50 years, aluminum has become one of the most widely used metals in the world. In particular, in recent years, aluminum has become an environmentally-friendly material for energy saving and consumption reduction, and its application range and usage are further expanded. Especially in the construction, transportation and packaging industries, aluminum consumption in these three industries generally accounts for about 60% of the total aluminum consumption in that year.
In the construction industry, aluminum is increasingly used in the construction industry due to the stability of aluminum in the air and the excellent appearance after anodizing, especially in aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum-plastic pipes and decorative panels. , aluminum panel curtain wall, packaging and other applications.
In the transportation industry, in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle itself and reduce the pollution of the exhaust gas to the environment, motorcycles, various types of vehicles, trains, subways, airplanes, ships and other transportation vehicles began to use aluminum and aluminum alloy as components and Garnish. As the hardness and strength of aluminum alloy processed materials continue to increase, the proportion used in the aerospace industry has begun to increase year by year.
In the packaging industry, various types of aluminum foil for flexible packaging, all-aluminum cans, various types of caps, easy-open lids, and medicinal packaging are also expanding.
In other consumer fields, the use and use of electronic and electrical appliances, household appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners), and daily-use hardware are becoming more and more broad.

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