Large Rolls Of Aluminum Foil Manufacturer

HTMM is a Large rolls of aluminum foil Manufacturer that produces Large rolls of aluminum foil. In fact,  aluminum foil jumbo rolls usually refer to extra-wide and extra large aluminum foil rolls. For example, aluminum foil rolls, each roll weighs 1-2.5 tons. Of course, HTMM also produces aluminum giant rolls with a thickness of 0.006-0.2, a width of 50-1550, and a weight of more than 100kg each for your choice.
Large rolls of aluminum foil Manufacturer
Large rolls of aluminum foil are HTMM's Featured products. There are various aluminum foil jumbo roll with complete alloy grades, tempers, specifications, etc. In addition, the price of HTMM aluminum foil rolls is very favorable! So let's take a look!
Aluminum foil big roll 8011 alloy
Aluminum 8011 performance: Aluminium foil jumbo coil 8011 aluminum alloy is commonly used. In fact,  
8011 aluminum foil roll is a typical highly alloyed alloy. Therefore, the 8011 aluminum foil roll has high strength, toughness, perforation resistance and good deep drawability, formability and so on. In addition, 8011 aluminum foil also has a soft texture like paper, as well as strong air-tightness, light-shielding, and stability.
8011 aluminum alloy application: the general 8011 aluminum reel is widely used in household foil, container foil, food and pharmaceutical packaging, such as PTP packaging, blister foil, cold-formed pharmaceutical packaging, etc. In addition, the 8001 aluminum foil jumbo roll with a thickness of 0.16-0.25 mm is also an ideal material for bottle cap materials, such as PP caps, ROPP caps, injection bottle seals, etc.
3003 aluminum foil
Features of 3003 aluminum foil: 3003 aluminum foil is a typical Al-Mn anti-rust series alloy. Therefore, the 3003 aluminum-plastic roller has excellent corrosion resistance to air, water vapor, food and industrial environments. In addition, 3003 aluminum-plastic roller also has excellent formability, punchability, elongation and other characteristics. Moreover, the product yield is very high. In fact, it is very cost-effective!
Application of
3003 aluminum foil: Same as 3004 aluminum foil, it is an ideal material for food container foil. In addition, 3003 aluminum coils are widely used in honeycomb cores, electronic capacitors and other industrial and electronic fields.
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