How to use hookah aluminum foil

Shisha originated from Arabia, and now it exists in many places in mainland China. Although smoking is said to be harmful to health, it is different from other cigarettes. Hookah filters the smoke through the water in the kettle. How to use the hookah? Let's see how to use the hookah with the editor.
Brief introduction of Arab hookah:
Hookah is a tobacco product that uses a special tool "Hookah" and is filtered after being filtered with water (or other liquid). It is mainly popular in the Middle East. The tobacco it uses is mixed with honey or various fruits, with the taste of apple, orange, pineapple, strawberry, and even coffee, chewing gum and cola.
In the early 21st century, hookah gradually spread to Europe and the United States and became popular in the United States, Brazil and other countries. In some restaurants, bars, family banquets and other places in western countries, young people can be seen smoking hookah or smoking marijuana and other drugs.
Hookah is often promoted by many businessmen as non-toxic, harmless, and not addictive for commercial purposes. It is an alternative product to cigarettes, but according to research reports released by the World Health Organization, water pipes may be more harmful than cigarettes.
How to use the Arabic hookah:
1. Add water to the cigarette bottle and cover the metal tube with 0.8-1CM. The water should not be too much and cannot exceed 2CM, otherwise it will be more difficult to suck.
2. Connect the metal pipe to the pot body, and then connect the pot body to the cigarette bottle firmly.
3. Put the round cigarette tray on the pot body and fix it.
4. Fasten the grommet of the bowl to the cigarette tray, and then place the bowl on the grommet, and pay attention to the air seal; when placing the ceramic bowl, do not use too much force or it will easily cause cracking.
5. Put the smoke tube grommet on the smoke tube mouth of the pot body, connect the wooden end of the smoke tube to the black rubber port, and pay attention to the air seal; if it is a multi-tube smoke pot, connect the other smoke tubes in turn.
6. Sprinkle the shredded tobacco into the ceramic bowl. Keep the flue of the cigarette smooth. Note that the shredded tobacco cannot be put too much and squeezed too much. It is recommended to leave a little space between the top of the shredded tobacco and the bottom of the
hookah aluminum foil.
7. Cut a square hookah aluminum foil, wrap the entire ceramic bowl with tobacco material tightly (keep it sealed), and poke some holes on the hookah aluminum foil with a toothpick or one end of a carbon clip.
8. Use a carbon clip to hold a special piece of charcoal for hookah, and burn the charcoal red with a lighter; note that the carbon and black parts are not burning at this time. You can use a straw to start inhaling and spit out, which can accelerate the full penetration of the carbon, but do not Inhale into the lungs.
9. Cover with a windshield. If you are enjoying Arabian hookah outdoors, the windshield will prevent the wind from dispersing the charcoal dust.
10. Put the disposable suction nozzle on the cigarette tube and start to try to take a few mouths; at this time, the charcoal may not be sufficiently burned, and you can start to inhale and spit out to accelerate the charcoal penetration, but do not breathe into the lungs.

11.The air valve is used to prevent the gas from entering the cigarette bottle. When there is a free smoke pipe mouth, the valve should be blocked with a small steel ball.

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