How to produce high quality double zero aluminum foil ?

How to produce high quality double zero aluminum foil ?

When the al foil reaches the final specification, the roll is cut to the final width and roll thickness required by the customer, and then annealed in a special furnace. For many applications, the annealing of the foil is a key step to remove all organic waste and absolutely clean food contact and obtain the final mechanical properties to optimize the operation. So as to achieve better quality.

The difficulty in producing High quality double zero aluminum foil
The difficulty in producing
double zero aluminum foil is mainly in the production process and production equipment. First, the production process is more complicated. At present, in the preparation method of double zero aluminum foil, smelting→refining→online degassing and slag removal→filtration→continuous casting and rolling→cold rolling→rolling→coiler double-coiler→double-coiler finish rolling→coiler sub-coiler →Slitting machine cutting→finished annealing→packaging. Among them, the cold rolling process uses a twin-roll cast-rolling machine to press the slab, and then the slab is subjected to subsequent processing to finally make aluminum foil. To achieve ultra-thin rolling of double zero aluminum foil, it is very difficult to use a single sheet rolling method, so it is necessary to use a finishing mill double rolling process.

The second is to have advanced production equipment. Domestic equipment is not enough to support the production of ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil. Therefore, it is necessary to use foreign imported equipment to install the world-class FATA system and the foreign advanced form control system AFC system in the form control aspect, and all in the thickness control aspect. Honeywell's thickness measurement system is installed, and advanced Thermo Fisher's testing equipment is used to detect alloy composition. The German KAMPF slitting machine is installed on the slitting production line. Without the support of advanced equipment, high quality double zero aluminum foil cannot be produced.

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