How much is the Aluminum Foil per ton and how much meters in one ton?

How much is the aluminum foil per ton?

When we buy aluminum foil rolls, we generally have a basic understanding of the price of aluminum foil, and the price of aluminum foil is affected by various factors. The following are some key factor affecting the price of aluminum foil:

Cost of aluminum raw materials: The price of aluminum foil is directly affected by the price of primitive aluminum, depending on global supply and demand, geopolitical factors and market conditions.

The thickness of aluminum foil alloys and aluminum foil: different alloy and thick aluminum foil have different production costs. Foil made of specific alloys or thicker thickness may be more expensive due to the materials and manufacturing processes involved.

The width and length of aluminum foil: the size of aluminum foil, such as width and length, will affect the price. Customized size or wider volumes may have different production costs.

Market demand: High demand for aluminum foil, especially in the peak season or in the food packaging industry, may lead to rising prices. On the contrary, low demand may lead to more stable or decline in price.

Currency exchange rate: Since aluminum is a global product, the exchange rate may affect its price. Changes in currency value may affect the import or export cost of aluminum foil.

Transportation cost: The cost of transporting raw materials and finished products affects the overall price of aluminum foil. Fuel prices and logistics play a role in determining these transportation costs.

Market competition: The degree of competition between aluminum foil manufacturers may affect prices. More fierce competition may lead to more competitive prices because suppliers compete for market share.

Trade policy and tariffs: international trade policies, tariffs and trade agreements may affect the cost of aluminum foil, especially if import/export taxes or restrictions changes.

It should be noted that these factors are interrelated, and the aluminum foil market is affected by dynamic changes. In order to obtain the most accurate and latest price information, it is recommended to directly contact HTMM aluminum foil suppliers to provide insights based on the latest market conditions. When we receive your inquiry, contact you as soon as possible.

How many meters is 1 kg of aluminium foil?

♦ Alloy Type: Different aluminum alloys have different densities and properties, which affect the overall weight of the foil. The type of alloy used to make the aluminum foil roll affects the meters per ton calculation. Commonly used aluminum foil alloys include: 1235 8011 8079 8006 3003.

Different alloys have different usage scenarios. For example, household aluminum foil generally uses 8011 alloy aluminum foil.

♦ Roll Thickness Consistency: Consistency in the manufacturing process is critical. Even small changes in foil thickness across the roll can affect the overall length of a ton. Greater thickness of aluminum foil will result in shorter length per ton. Aluminum foil thickness is usually measured in microns or millimeters.

♦ Width: The width of the aluminum foil roll also affects the length of the foil per ton. Wider aluminum foil rolls will result in shorter foil lengths per ton. Aluminum foil width is generally measured in millimeters or centimeters

♦ Purity and quality of the roll: The purity and quality of the aluminum used in manufacturing will affect the overall weight. Higher purity aluminum may have slightly different density characteristics, affecting the meters per ton calculation.

♦ Tightness of winding: The precision with which a roll of aluminum foil is wound onto a roll will affect the overall length. If the winding is too loose or too tight, it may cause the total weight of the roll to change.

♦ Reel Tolerances: Aluminum foil manufacturers typically specify tolerances for the thickness and width of aluminum foil rolls. The thickness tolerance of HTMM aluminum foil is ±5% , and the width tolerance is ±1mm . Understanding tolerance levels is important to accurately estimate a ton length.

♦ Aluminum foil manufacturer -specific characteristics: Each aluminum foil supplier may have its own set of specifications, manufacturing processes, and quality control measures. It is important to consider these aluminum foil supplier specific factors when calculating meters per ton.

♦ Market conditions: External factors such as market demand, global supply chain disruptions and economic conditions can indirectly affect raw material costs and thus the length of a ton of aluminum foil.

Please remember that the formulas provided previously are only general guidelines and in order to obtain accurate information it is recommended to contact the specific aluminum foil supplier for your exact specifications and requirements. Consult your aluminum foil supplier for accurate information.   HTMM produces its aluminum foil . We have more than 15 years of export experience and have served more than 1000 customers. We can use our market knowledge to help you create more value.


Why choose HTMM aluminum foil?


♦ HTMM aluminum foil - Aluminum foil quality:

HTMM's goal is to provide high quality aluminum foil. The aluminum foil rolls of HTMM Aluminum Foil Company have passed strict inspections such as US FDA direct inspection, EU ROHS standards, and European SVHC standards. These certificates guarantee that our aluminum foil meets the highest safety standards before leaving the factory, enabling it to be used in a wide range of applications.


♦ HTMM Aluminum Foil - Service:

HTMM is not only committed to supplying high-quality aluminum foil products. Through one-to-one and personalized service, customer satisfaction is our aim. If you have special needs, need to customize according to your specifications or have other purchasing questions. Our professional team will provide fast and comprehensive support.

♦ HTMM Aluminum Foil - Strict Quality Control:

The quality of aluminum foil is the cornerstone of our enterprise. This is also the banner of our company. During the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the packaging and storage of the final aluminum foil, we implement strict management and control measures. Ensure every roll of aluminum foil meets or exceeds industry standards. Let aluminum foil products be shipped to your hands with high standards of quality.

♦ HTMM Aluminum Foil - Standard Compliance:

In a changing regulatory environment, we understand the importance of compliance. Our aluminum foil is not only in line with local standards, but also international regulations. The promise of global compliance emphasizes the determination of our products that can be confidently used globally.

♦ HTMM Aluminum Foil - Continue improvement:

As a visible company, HTMM actively promotes continuous improvement. Our commitment to research and development ensures that we always stand in advanced industry. This commitment enables us to provide innovative solutions and keep you a leading position in the changing market.

 ♦ HTMM Aluminum Foil - Customization ability:

Understand that every customer is unique, we provide customized options to meet specific needs. Whether it is specific thickness, width or special features, our manufacturing process is flexible to ensure that the aluminum foil we provide is seamlessly connected with your requirements.

Choose HTMM aluminum foil, you not only choose aluminum foil; you have chosen a reliable partner who is committed to quality, excellence and continuous innovation.
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