How many meters can one ton of household aluminum foil produce?

How many meters can one ton of household aluminum foil produce?
Many customers ask this question. This is a problem that buyers of household aluminum foil rolls are very concerned about. When customers buy back large rolls of household aluminum foil, they will divide these large rolls into small rolls one by one, and then pack them. Delivery to supermarkets, restaurants and other places.
So how many meters can a ton of household aluminum foil produce?
This is directly related to the thickness and width of household aluminum foil. According to HTMM's 10 years of export experience, for the common specifications of household aluminum foil, for your reference:

Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Weight(kg) Lenght(m)
0.008 265 1000 174700     (around)
0.009 280 1000 146970     (around)
0.01 280 1000 132270     (around)
0.01 290 1000 127710     (around)
0.01 300 1000 123450     (around)
0.011 300 1000 112230     (around)
0.011 400 1000 84170      (around)
0.014 300 1000 88180      (around)
0.014 450 1000 58790      (around)
0.015 300 1000 82300      (around)
0.015 450 1000 54870      (around)
0.016 300 1000 77160      (around)
0.016 450 1000 51440      (around)
0.018 300 1000 68590      (around)

HTMM specializes in the production of household aluminum foil, using food-grade raw materials, thickness tolerance ±3%, width tolerance ± 1mm, please rest assured to buy. Our products are exported to Vietnam, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, Syria, Israel, India, Pakistan, Spain, Belgium, Serbia, Iraq, Tanzania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, etc. 60 Many countries, if you have questions about household aluminum foil, please contact us, your questions will get our prompt attention.

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