Household al foil thickness

Household al foil thickness

Al foil is everywhere in our lives, and supermarkets are everywhere. Let's look at some common household al foil thicknesses.
Some users prefer thin and flexible al foil to meet various household and commercial needs. Compared with heavy or super heavy foils, most standard or economic foils are usually much cheaper. Because it is easy to tear and burn during baking, some users do not like standard metal foil. The the al foil roll thickness is between 0.008 and 0.01.
By far, Heavy duty al foil is the most common aluminum foil used for household and commercial purposes. Heavy duty Al foil provides extra strength and tear resistance. Many chefs use it for baking, grilling and storage. Most aluminum foil rolls marked "Heavy Duty" have a thickness between 0.01 and 0.02.
Super Heavy Duty Al Foil is difficult to find a thicker thickness, but HTMM produce super heavy Al foil. It has excellent tear resistance and can be used with all heavy and standard foils. The thickness of most aluminum foils marked "super heavy" is between 0.02mm and 0.03mm.

How to measure Al foil thickness
The easiest way to measure the thickness of al foil is to use a micrometer. Micrometer Micrometer can make small precise measurements. There are a variety of micrometers to choose from. It is best to use an outside micrometer with an inch system. Users can easily measure the thickness of the foil without converting the metric system.

Where to buy aluminum foil
HTMM produces various al foil thickness. clients can find the aluminum foil they need on our website, and communicate the specifications of the aluminum foil you want online or by phone. Our professional sales will communicate with you in time.

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