Cigarette pack Aluminum foil in China

With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the output and production capacity of China's aluminum foil have developed rapidly. The application field of aluminum foil is also expanding, especially the application in the packaging field, which has become an important part of the rapid development of China's aluminum foil industry.
 Cigarette pack Aluminum foil in China
Aluminum foil used in the Cigarette pack industry is mainly the aluminum foil of the cigarette liner, the aluminum layer on the cigarette box (including the cigarette box), and the hot stamping of tipping paper. However, in recent years, with the National Tobacco Administration's requirements for environmental protection and the consideration of reducing resource waste, the amount of aluminum foil used in cigarette packaging will change somewhat.
First of all, the largest amount of
aluminum in cigarette packaging is aluminum foil backing paper, which is a composite paper of thin paper and aluminum foil. The thickness of cigarette pack aluminum foil is 0.006mm to 0.007mm. Generally, 0.006mm thick aluminum foil (double zero foil) is used. It is soft and has good extensibility. The size of the aluminum foil backing paper for each pack of cigarettes is 154mm×114mm. According to the specific gravity, the aluminum foil backing paper for each pack of cigarettes is about 0.284 grams. According to statistics from the National Tobacco Administration, China’s annual tobacco production is about 38.846 million large boxes, each containing 5 small boxes, and each small box containing 50 cigarettes, totaling 97.115 million packs of cigarettes, which means that cigarette production needs to consume every year. 97.115 million pieces of aluminum foil lining paper, a total of 27,620 tons of aluminum used in cigarette lining paper in my country.
In addition, cigarette packaging (including stick boxes) and hard cigarette tongue paper also have a certain amount of aluminum, which is a composite of cardboard and aluminum foil, but with the change of cigarette packaging, the amount of aluminum will continue to increase, mainly for cigarettes. The aluminum-plated transfer cardboard and composite gold and silver cardboard of the box are used on the vacuum aluminized layer of the film. Of course, its thickness is very small compared with the 0.006mm aluminum foil, so we have not made statistics on this. . There are also some less cigarette packs that use 0.006mm aluminum foil and cardboard composite, such as soft and hard Chinese small boxes. The amount of each box is equivalent to aluminum foil backing paper. Therefore, the amount of aluminum foil for these types of cigarette boxes is also considerable. It seems that the aluminum foil on the cigarette case also has a certain amount.


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