China Wholesale Aluminium Foil For Packaging

HTMM will start with some background on the nature and properties of aluminium foil for packaging that make it suitable for packaging. Then we will examine China's aluminium foil for packaging production industry including key statistics on production volumes, exports and major producer regions and companies. The various grades, specifications and thicknesses of aluminium foil for packaging available from Chinese manufacturers will be discussed. Common applications and end uses of aluminium foil for packaging will also be outlined.

The article will then delve into the China wholesale aluminium foil for packaging market including an analysis of price trends, key trade routes and export destinations. Details will be provided on product quality standards, packaging and delivery options available. Factors to consider when sourcing aluminium foil from Chinese manufacturers at wholesale prices will be highlighted. Lastly, we will examine industry trends and forecast future opportunities for China's role as a leading global supplier of aluminium foil for packaging applications.

Properties and Applications of Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil is produced by rolling high purity aluminium ingots into extremely thin sheets with thicknesses typically ranging from 6 to 200 microns. Key properties that make it well suited for various packaging applications include:

Lightweight - Aluminium foil is approximately 1/80th the weight of stock steel which helps reduce packaging material and shipping costs.

Barrier properties - Its non-porous nature gives aluminium foil excellent gas and moisture barrier abilities to help preserve food and other products.

Thermal conductivity - It conducts heat very efficiently which is useful for heat sealing, cooking and heating applications.

Chemical resistance - Aluminium foil is largely inert and resistant to the effects of most chemicals, acids, gases and solvents.

Recyclable - Aluminium foil scrap can be easily recycled without loss of material quality, allowing it to be reused repeatedly.

Easy to print and convert - Aluminium foil's smooth surface takes inks and lacquers very well for branding and decoration. It can also be easily thermoformed, laminated or otherwise converted into various packaging structures and formats.


Common applications and end uses of aluminium foil packaging include:

Food packaging - Used widely for wrapping snacks, ready meals, baking/cooking foils and much more. Provides barrier protection and maintains freshness.

Pharmaceutical packaging - Popular as a material for blister packs, pouches and other medical/drug packaging due to its inertness and ability to maintain sterility.

Household products - Wraps cleaning supplies, cosmetics, plates/servers and general household items to prevent contamination or spillage.

Industrial uses - Coatings/laminates for capacitors, cables insulation, heat sinks for electronics and general industrial wrapping/lining applications.


China Wholesale Aluminium Foil Products and Specifications

To serve both domestic Chinese and international wholesale customers, Chinese manufacturers offer a wide variety of aluminium foil grades, thicknesses and specifications:
Chinese Alu Foil manufacturers are able to offer wholesale quantities of aluminium foil in coil widths ranging from 300mm to 1500mm and lengths from 500 meters up depending on thickness and grade. Coils allow for efficient automated conversion by packaging machinery overseas. Alternative wholesale packaging options include pre-cut sheets, aluminum rolls or slit coil reels depending on customer needs.
China Wholesale Market Dynamics

The competitive aluminium foil manufacturing industry in China combined with large wholesale order volumes has contributed to attractive wholesale pricing available on the China market. Some key market dynamics influencing wholesale aluminium foil costs from Chinese suppliers:

International bulk commodity pricing - Primary aluminium ingot prices impact foil input costs and wholesale pricing trends over the longer term.

Supply/demand balance - When global foil demand is high due to economic growth, wholesale prices may increase seasonally or during peak periods.

Exchange rates - Currency fluctuations namely between US dollar and Chinese yuan can periodically impact wholesale export pricing.

Competition - Dozens of major foil producers in China keep wholesale prices competitive to attract international bulk buyers and conversion business.

Customer volume - Regular large volume orders qualify for negotiated wholesale contract pricing and supply terms with Chinese manufacturers.

Product specifications - Customized technical specifications may affect wholesale production costs versus standard commercially pure grades.

Name Aluminum Foil Type Jumbo Roll
Alloy 8011 1235 8079 3003 8006 Temper Soft/O   H22 H24
ID 76mm, 152mm OD >450mm, customized request
Thickness 0.006mm-0.2mm Thickness tolerance +/-5%
Width 50mm-1700mm Width tolerance +/-5%
Application Food package,industrial use Certificate ISO 9001,
Food contact Grade

Transport logistics - Sea or air freight costs out of major Chinese ports to key overseas markets are factored in wholesale delivered pricing.   In order to comply with different international packaging material regulations and assure quality for bulk wholesale buyers, Chinese foil suppliers adhere to major global industry standards like:

DIN EN/ISO 6006 for material composition control

EN/ISO 2285 for thickness tolerances

EN 13757 for greaseproof properties testing

EN 13501-1 for fire classification

FDA Food Contact Compliance and cGMP standards

Heavy metal impurity limits under RoHS, REACH regulations

Certifications for ISO 9001 quality management systems are also common. Regular testing and certification of Chinese foil ensures it meets all required specifications for food contact packaging uses worldwide under applicable regulations including in key target markets like Europe, America and Asia Pacific countries.
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