Can aluminum foil rust?

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Before we can get the answer, we need to clarify the concept of "rust". Rust is a chemical process in which metals are oxidized when exposed to oxygen filled air, but this is not enough because rust usually indicates the "rotten" state of the metal on the surface. Take iron as an example. Dark brown powder covers the surface of iron oxide and falls under slight external force, such as wind, friction or vibration. This means that the outer layer of iron is torn off to form ferrous oxide, and because it is porous, oxygen can continue to penetrate into the iron, resulting in more rust. Eventually, the entire iron object will be transformed into rust. Except for rare metals (such as aluminum), most metals rust in the same way. The oxide of aluminum is a solid layer firmly attached to the surface of aluminum sheet. So, strictly speaking, alumina can't be called something like decay.
However, if you mean to be "rusted" or "oxidized", the aluminum foil is likely to rust when placed in the air. Some metals are more active than others, and aluminum has much higher oxidation capacity than iron. The aluminum foil roll you use in the shop has rusted before use.
So why does it still look shiny? Aluminum forms alumina. It's a very hard material that forms a layer of just a few molecules thick on the surface. It then prevents more oxygen from entering the pure aluminum below the oxide layer. Therefore, if you use rust for attenuation, aluminum does not rust. It will only be oxidized. Miraculously, the oxidation process makes it more "corrosion resistant" to some extent.
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