Can aluminum foil be used in microwave ovens?

Aluminum foil is often used in our daily life, especially when we use microwave ovens to quickly heat food. Can aluminum foil be used in microwave ovens? Is this safe?
Please pay attention to the difference in the functions of microwave ovens, because different function modes have completely different heating principles and different tableware used. In addition to the microwave heating function on the market, some have oven functions.
The oven mode is a heating element that can heat the air and food in the oven after the oven is powered on. The heating tube has only one power source. When the required temperature is reached in the oven, the heating tube will be cut off. When the oven gradually cools down, the heating tube will be energized and heated again to ensure a constant temperature in the oven.
The function of microwave heating is to use food to heat itself by absorbing microwave energy in the microwave field. The microwave generated by the microwave generator in the microwave oven establishes a microwave electric field in the microwave oven cavity. Some measures have been taken to make the microwave electric field evenly distributed in the oven cavity. Put the food into the microwave electric field, and the control center controls the cooking time and microwave electric field intensity to perform various cooking processes.
Therefore, the metal container cannot be used in the microwave mode, because the
aluminum foil placed in the oven will generate electric sparks and reflect microwaves when heated in the microwave, which will not only damage the oven body, but also fail to heat the food, and there is a potential fire hazard.
In the oven mode, the heating element provides heat. After being heated to the aluminum foil, it can help the food be evenly heated and prevent the food from burning.
Therefore, when using aluminum foil paper, you must pay attention to the method of use, otherwise there will be safety hazards.

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