big roll of aluminum foil 8011

8011 aluminium foil  has anti - leakage, fresh, anti - counterfeiting, anti - theft, anti - moisture and other functions, but also has a good antibacterial ability.It ’s an ideal material for packaging products.

8011 Aluminium Foil Manufacturer China is used for bottle caps: white wine bottle caps, red wine bottle caps, cosmetic caps, milk powder caps, medical caps, beverage caps, yogurt caps, etc. Advantages: food grade, brush water grade A;

8011 Aluminium Foil Manufacturer China is used for pharmaceutical packaging: PTP medicinal aluminum foil, cold stamping forming foil, 8011-H18 pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, capsule aluminum foil board, etc.
Application Advantages
High strength of aluminum foil, good sealing;
Thermal conductivity, light weight, shape formability, resource saving, cyclicity, hygienic security .
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