Aluminum Foil Reflectivity

Aluminum Foil Reflectivity
Aluminum foil has good reflectivity. The brighter and smoother the surface of the aluminum foil, the stronger the light reflectivity!

The purity of the aluminum foil raw material has a significant impact on the reflectivity of the aluminum foil. When there are impurities in the aluminum foil roll, the scattering of impurities will occur and increase the radiation absorption. To obtain a high-reflectivity aluminum foil, the purity should not be less than 99.6%.

Due to the different finish of the aluminum foil roll surface, the light reflectivity of the aluminum foil is also different. When the surface of the aluminum box is relatively rough, the reflectivity is obviously affected by the wavelength of the irradiated light. The general trend is that the reflectivity increases with the increase of the wavelength. When the wavelength of the light is 6505m, the reflectivity is the highest. However, in the single-sided aluminum foil, the reflectivity of the matt surface decreases with the increase of the light wavelength. What’s interesting is that when the irradiating light is irradiated from the longitudinal direction at an angle of 10", the reflectivity of the dark side is higher than that of the light side.

When the light irradiates the single and light aluminum foil from the lateral direction, the reflectivity of the light side is higher than that of the dark side. For aluminum foil, the reflectance in the horizontal direction is about 10% higher than that in the vertical direction. Aluminum foil has a particularly strong reflectivity to light, and its reflectivity to light is related to the purity, flatness, surface roughness, and wavelength of heat rays related.

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