The indispensable aluminum foil in life has such a wonderful use!

The use of aluminum foil in life is very wide. The most common function is to use aluminum foil to wrap ingredients for barbecue, aluminum foil containers, and aluminum foil packaging bags. But, beyond these features, have you ever wondered if it has other uses? In fact, there are many other wonderful uses of aluminum foil in daily life!
Kitchen aluminum foil scrubber
One of the cooking utensils that people often use in the kitchen is a frying pan. Frying food with a frying pan is a pleasure. It is not only convenient and fast, but the fried food is also delicious. But after that, cleaning up the noodles can sometimes be a disaster. In most cases, use salt and paper towels, but it is difficult to remove some stubborn stains. At this time, the aluminum foil came in handy, crumpled it, and wiped it on the pot to make the pot appear original luster.
Fruit and vegetable peeling
Irregular shapes and thin-skinned ingredients are not easy to peel, such as potatoes, burdock, ginger, lotus root, etc. It will also be more convenient to knead the aluminum foil paper to scrape the skin than using a knife!
Fresh ingredients
Roots such as onions or carrots, which have been cut but not completely used, are usually used to be wrapped with plastic wrap when refrigerated in the refrigerator to prevent the rapid loss of moisture in the ingredients. However, the practical aluminum foil paper is more effective for wrapping, because the aluminum foil paper has a better degree of adhesion, after wrapping, the ingredients are not easy to spread, and can achieve better preservation effects.
Of course, there are many more wonderful uses of aluminum foil! This requires us to give play to our imagination and constantly discover, try and explore in life. More uses of aluminum foil will be gradually developed, and I believe that one day it will become a convenient and indispensable item in everyone's life.

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