Aluminum foil for sealing film

With the increasing requirements on product packaging, all kinds of leather shell machine and sealing film packaging requires the use of the machines and materials are increasing.People are constantly introduced products can meet the daily needs, so as to people in the use of people to bring more benefits.Especially the concept of environmental protection and healthy life is launched now,a lot of environmental profile of the material is more popular with people.The main applied material of aluminum foil sealing film is aluminum foil.Not only because China's aluminum foil has a good yield, but also aluminum foil itself has many advantages, so the use of a wide range.
The advantage of aluminum foil sealing film using aluminum foil is
1.Aluminum foil compared with other materials to make the sealing film is more safe, healthy for the food.The surface of the aluminum foil is very clean, and any bacteria or microorganisms can not grow on the surface of the aluminum foil.
2.Aluminum foil is a relatively healthy and hygienic packaging material, and no harm to the human body, it will not make the product peculiar smell.
With a variety of excellent performance, aluminum foil is used as a perfect packing material throughout the world. Its broad application prospect in a great deal of fields is fully demonstrated. Aluminum foil is aluminum that is prepared in thin sheets and is commonly used in every household today. Aluminum Foil is a very useful barrier to moisture, oxygen, bacteria, odours and flavours. All the properties make aluminum foil have characteristics below:
1. Thin and light
2. High strengh
3 .Excellent silvery white luster
4. High thermal conductivity and excellent conductivity
5. High moistureproof
6. Tasteless non-poisonous, and excellent fragrant-reserving performance
7. Performances of cutting of and heat insulation
8. Excellent performance of anti-causticity

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