Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packing


When a child has a headache or brain fever, we will first choose to take medicine instead of injections. I don't know if my friends have paid attention to it. Many children's medicines on the market are covered with aluminum foil, and some even cover the entire shell with the entire aluminum foil.
Then the question is coming, why do we have to use aluminum foil for the packaging of pharmaceutical ?
It turns out that pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil has a higher molecular density, can block moisture, block light, and has a good seal. However, many of the medicines we usually take are more afraid of moisture, such as capsules, effervescent tablets, film-coated tablets, etc. Once these drugs are damp, It will even deteriorate and become moldy.
Some pharmaceutical are particularly afraid of oxidation, such as aspirin, levofloxacin and other medicines, once oxidized, the medicinal properties will be reduced. The high barrier property of aluminum foil can protect the medicine from moisture and oxidation.
In addition, the aluminum foil itself is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to bring bacteria, thus protecting the hygiene of drugs to a certain extent.
Seeing this, I believe everyone finally understands the good intentions of the packaging companies.
It seems that the nutrition, taste and appearance of children's food and medicine are not enough. We must not ignore the packaging of food and medicine and their packaging materials.
The high quality packaging of aluminum foil packaging is silently guarding everyone around us, providing children with a better food environment and protecting children's health.
Today, with the continuous development of new materials, HTMM has been continuously researching and developing safe packaging materials for children's food, and using safer aluminum foil packaging materials to promote the upgrading and transformation of children's food packaging.

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