Is it safe to barbecuing with aluminum foil?

Pleasant summer evenings, iced drinks, mouth-watering aromas, and delicious food. To ensure a gourmet experience, hobbyists and professional barbecue enthusiasts often bring some aluminum foil or plates. Because there are often disagreements about the use of metal in cooking, some barbecue parties may cause heated debate. Is there any health risk to barbecuing  with aluminum tableware? Or is it baked on an aluminum tray or foil to ensure that the fat does not drip into the grill, where the fat burns and releases carcinogens into the food?
Both of these questions are justified-but people shouldn’t ruin the barbecue because they worry too much. Indeed, grilling seasoned meats and vegetables or lemon-drained fish may cause aluminum ions to pass from aluminum trays or foil to food. However, on the other hand, the use of aluminum trays or aluminum foil helps prevent fat from dripping into the grill, burning and releasing carcinogens in the grill. Therefore, the decisive aspect is to ensure the proper use of the lunch box.
Seasoning is the biggest enemy of aluminum pallets
Please do not place foods containing acid or salt (such as salted or marinated meat or fish in lemon juice) in uncoated baking trays, and do not wrap them in household aluminum foil.
Always place grilled food on the plate from the grill before seasoning. This will ensure you get the maximum protection from the barbecue assistant.
Don't panic – no danger
Therefore, in principle, aluminum is very suitable for grilling: it prevents high temperatures, food does not burn so fast and does not stick to the grill. Foods wrapped in aluminum foil, such as fish and vegetables, remain tender and juicy, and the taste is more intense. Pay attention to the above instructions, there will be no risk of excessive intake of aluminum ions in food. Another general point to keep in mind is that only about 4% of the total aluminum we absorb comes from uncoated aluminum tableware, such as baking trays, aluminum foil or dinner plates.
Aluminum foil and Aluminum foil tray can be recycled
The use of aluminum foil and baking trays also helps reduce waste and protect the environment. After use, the aluminum made of the tray and aluminum foil can be reused many times without losing the quality of the material, and the energy investment is low. The recovery of aluminum consumes only about 5% of the energy required to produce aluminum from bauxite.
Because aluminum foil has excellent thermal conductivity, food can be cooked evenly. In other words, aluminum foil can evenly distribute cooking heat. Barbecued food will not burn quickly.


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