Aluminum foil for electronic capacitors

Electronic aluminum foilis a series of calendering, cleaning and cutting processes such as aluminum foil, which is the key raw material for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Widely used in communications, home appliances, automotive, electronics, aviation, new materials and other industries, the market demand is great.
With the increasing demand for electrolytic capacitors with aluminum foil, HTMM Aluminum will expand the scale of production, the introduction of advanced production equipment, improve product production.
HTMM Aluminum foil production of aluminum foil production process Casting - are hot - hot rolling - pre-annealing - cold rolling - intermediate annealing - cold rolling - foil rolling - cutting - performance testing - packaging. Alloy to 3003 aluminum foil, 1100A aluminum foil, 1050H18 aluminum foil, specifications to 0.02--0.05 * 500mm, the performance of the national standard prevail, the quality of aluminum foil quality, high-speed fine foil rolling mill, while the configuration plate, Slitting machine configuration online pinhole detector, ultrasonic welding, to ensure product quality, layout without oil, pinholes, bumps, scratches, oxidation, foreign body, etc., version of the formation of the thickness of ± 4% tolerance, width ± 1mm.

3003 electronic foil has good formability, mainly used in deep-drawn materials. It uses 3003 aluminum alloy products for stamping parts, models, shells, etc. It has many advantages such as good surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance.

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