High quality aluminum foil tape

The use of aluminum foil tape in life is very common, so in recent years has been rapid development. It uses a functional coating on the surface of the battery conductive substrate is a breakthrough technological innovation, carbon coated aluminum foil / copper foil is the dispersion of nano-conductive graphite and carbon coated particles, evenly and delicately coated on the aluminum foil / Copper foil. tape aluminum foil provides excellent static conductivity, collects the microcurrent of the active material, which can significantly reduce the contact resistance between the positive / negative material and the collector, and can improve the adhesion between the two, reducing the bond the amount of the use of the battery, and thus make the overall performance of the battery significantly improved.
   HTMM Aluminum foil tape: mainly used for wood processing, construction, decoration, automotive, footwear, packaging, textile, electronics, printing binding and other fields. In recent years, in order to meet the market requirements, HTMM Aluminum has developed a good shielding of aluminum foil tape, plastic film and spray foil and other packaging materials. Aluminum foil tape is a variety of excellent performance, more perfect packaging materials, in many areas are fully demonstrated its broad application prospects. After nearly a century of development, conductive aluminum foil tape has become a major packaging materials, its market development in the Chinese market has a wide range of prospects.

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