Aluminum foil 8011 O Jumbo roll

The common thickness of household aluminum foil 8011 O is 0.008-0.02 mm, and the commonly used width is 275, 280, 285, 290, 300, 440, 450, 600 mm and the like. Applications are household, kitchen cooking, daily packaging, cooking, etc. Household aluminum foil is food grade and can be directly in contact with food. HTMM can provide high quality household aluminum foil with SGS certification. We can provide 8011 large coil aluminum foil.

8011 aluminum foil has been used as a food grade aluminum foil, which meets food grade requirements, and the 8011 aluminum foil produced usually has anti-gloss properties, that is, does not absorb light, can help food heating, and household aluminum foil 8011 O has good light shielding, strong isolation Sexuality and very good oil resistance and softness. Using 8011 food aluminum foil, whether it is refrigerated food or packaged food, can prevent air from entering, resist external pressure and keep food fresh.
8011 food grade household aluminum foil paper safety and hygiene, household aluminum foil product quality requirements for lithography, no black spots, scratches, small black silk, bright lines, roller printing, bumps,  etc.; trim quality, no burrs, towers, Wrinkles.

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