Aluminum foil 8011 O food grade

HTMM provides aluminum foil 8011 alloy O temper food grade ,  high quality, fast production, safe packaging and delivery. Aluminum foil 8011 O has many advantages, such as food grade, clean degreasing, fewer pinholes and good product shape. 8011O aluminum foil is a special aluminum foil used for household foil, medicine foil, bottle cap material, milk cap material, heat sealing foil, food container foil, etc. The processing range of 8011O aluminum foil is 0.008mm-0.15mm in thickness and 300mm-1400mm in width.

Aluminum foil 8011 O food grade
Aluminum, iron, silicon and other elements are added to 8011 aluminum foil, accounting for more than 1% of the total alloy elements, and its alloy performance will have a higher advantage. 8011O aluminum foil is used to produce household small roll packaging materials. Due to its unique properties, it is not easy to oxidize and produce chemical reactions, and the surface is clean and the color is uniform. Therefore, it is the best raw material for food packaging materials. 8011O aluminum foil has excellent moisture resistance, light-shielding and extremely high barrier ability, non-toxic and tasteless, while 8011O aluminum foil has excellent production technology. It also has greater advantages in food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. 8011O aluminum foil is usually used for household, food packaging, solid vacuum medicine packaging, etc.
8011 O aluminum foil food grade has good shading properties, used for packaging vegetables, fruits, etc., can prevent water loss, maintain fresh flavor, and has more antibacterial and antifouling effects. 8011 O aluminum foil has good toughness, is pure and free of impurities. It is suitable for cooking, storing, refrigerating, packaging food, tableware and utensils, posting kitchen, baking, grilling or baking food with tin foil, which can maintain the original flavor and reduce The juice splashes and keep the stove clean, increasing the fun of cooking.


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