Food grade 3003 aluminum foil use

Food grade 3003 aluminum foil use :
You can see the aluminum foil container made of food grade 3003 aluminum foil from the name. When you want to refrigerate or package food and ensure that the food has the longest shelf life, which packaging material should you choose? Don't worry about which material to choose for packaging, food grade 3003 aluminum foil is the best choice.
Food grade 3003 aluminum foil is a green material:
The thickness of the aluminum foil lunch box is generally between 0.03m and 20.20m, which can be divided into wrinkle and non-wrinkle. It can also be divided into two types: secondary and reusable. In fact, it is a 3 or 8 series aluminum ingot raw material, after cold rolling or hot rolling to uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinholes, no dust particles, no odor, 8011 aluminum foil mother roll equipment after special processing Complete automatic cold stamping forming process with the mold at one time.
Application of 3003 aluminum alloy aluminum foil Food container :
Application of 3003 alloy aluminum foil container: Whether it is used for cooked food or homemade food, cooking and reheating in a microwave oven are very fast, and the use of aluminum foil container can ensure the freshness of food.
The following is the performance of using aluminum foil containers in the oven: to ensure good and uniform heat transfer can be used in conventional ovens and microwave ovens can be used for grilling to protect food from scorching suitable for refrigeration, freezing and fresh food packaging · can be heated in the original packaging After cooking and heating, it can be stable, safe, hygienic and reliable, and the container heated at high temperature will not overflow harmful substances.
Features of
food grade 3003 aluminum foil:
HTMM Food grade 3003 aluminum foil has many advantages and can be used in daily life, such as: strong air barrier, oxidation resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance; strong mechanical properties, high explosion resistance, high puncture and tear resistance; high temperature resistance ( 121°C), low temperature resistance (-50°C), oil resistance, good aroma retention performance; non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and drug packaging hygiene standards; good heat-seal performance, flexibility, and high barrier performance.
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