Aluminium foil Pinhole control

The irregular holes penetrated by the Aluminium foil. As the thickness is reduced, the number of pinholes increases, and the light is visible like a small hole in the tip of the needle, sometimes densely integrated.
1. The blank has defects such as inclusions, air passages, scratches, metal or non-metal indentations.
2. The surface of the roll is rough or defective.
3. The tension is too large after rolling.
4. The rolling oil is not clean.
5. The surface of the blank has severe hemp (pine branches).
6. When aluminum foil is rolled, metal and non-metal are pressed in by various reasons.
7. Roll out the eye.
8. The external environment is poor and the dust is large.
1. Improve the quality of aluminum foil blanks, take effective measures to strengthen the purification of aluminum melt, eliminate airway and inclusion waste.
2. Prevent metal and non-metal intrusion during rolling.
3. Reasonable given tension after strict control of foil rolling.
4. Strengthen the filtration of rolling oil to reduce the occurrence of inclusions and dirt.
5. For the production of aluminum foil, the external environment of the foil rolling mill is very important, so it is necessary to do a good job in environmental sanitation and achieve civilized production.

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