Aluminum foil thickness

The thickness of the aluminum foil is difficult to control and is a feature of aluminum foil rolling. A 3% difference in thickness may not be difficult when producing sheets, and it is very difficult to produce aluminum foil. The reason is that the thickness is thin, and other trace conditions can affect, such as temperature, oil film, oil and gas concentration. A roll of aluminum foil can be up to several hundred thousand meters, and the rolling time is as long as about 10 hours. With the extension of time, the thickness difference is easy to form, and the method of thickness adjustment only has the tension speed. These factors all contribute to the difficulty of the thickness of the aluminum foil rolling, so the true control thickness is less than 3%, and many conditions are required to ensure that the difficulty is considerable.
The thickness of the aluminum foil exceeds the technical standards, the technical agreement, and the thickness tolerance allowed by the user.
1. Aluminum foil wool is uneven in thickness.
2. The amount of reduction and the roll type are not properly controlled.
3. The thickness control system is faulty.
4. The post tension and speed are unstable.
1. Use a qualified thickness of aluminum foil blank.
2. Adjust during rolling, control the amount of reduction and roll type, and the roll is ground according to the specified parameters.
3. Stable rolling process. During the rolling process, the thickness of the aluminum foil is measured to avoid the occurrence of defects in the thickness measurement system, which can prevent the occurrence of defects in the thickness of the aluminum foil.

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