Aluminium foil in grill

We go to the grill ,  First, Aluminium foil paper is equivalent to a container, Aluminium foil paper will not let more oil drip into the charcoal fire, and form smoke, the smoke of these oils It is all carcinogenic, and if it is attached to the meat, it is not very healthy for the human body.
Whether we are on the barbecue shelf or on the net, then we will have a lot of meat, grease, etc. If we go directly to heat it, it is equivalent to what we are eating, for our body. Health is bad. Aluminium foil paper is the first to be used as a container.
The second possibility Aluminium foil paper is the role of heat insulation. We often take the foil paper into a shape similar to a container, such as square or round, etc., it will have a heat insulation effect.
For example, we grilled a barbecue and grilled a piece of meat. If we use a plastic wrap to wrap it, the meat is very hot. Maybe the plastic will be on the meat. If it is unhealthy and can't be eaten, then we will take tin foil. The bag, which plays a role in insulation and the tin foil is a very heat-resistant thing, then we can play a better insulation. At the same time, it does not form too much condensed water, so that the barbecue can reduce its flavor.

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