Aluminium foil for Chocolate

In the spring of 1919, the Luxembourg royal family welcomed the Princess Charlotte to inherit the throne, and she married the Prince of the Bourbon family, Prince Felix. As a chef in the royal family, Leon was busy, cleaning up the dishes and plates all day, Hands cracked a lot of holes, When he was scrubbing the wound with salt water, a girl came over and said to him: It hurts? This girl is the Princess of Bazaar who later influenced Leon's life.
The two young people met like this. Leon sneaked into the kitchen every night and made ice cream for Bazaar. The two always talked about the past while tasting the ice cream. In the era of esteem, they just silently buried this feeling in their hearts.
Soon after, Princess Bazaar was selected to marry Belgium, the allies. For a few days, Leon could not see Bazaar, and he was in a hurry. Finally, a month later, Bazaar appeared on the table, but she had already lost a lot of laps, and the whole person looked embarrassed. When preparing the dessert, Leon wrote a few English letters "DOVE" on the ice cream of Bazaar, which is the abbreviation of "DO YOU LOVE ME".
A few days later, Basha was married. A year later, I couldn't stand the torture of Acacia, and Leon left the royal family. Marriage, childbirth, and calm life can't heal the wounds in the heart of Leon. He can't forget Basha, and his wife left with sadness. Leon has been single with his son since then, running his candy store. One day in 1946, Leon saw his son chasing a car selling ice cream, and the memory of the door was suddenly knocked open. Leon decided to continue the study that was not done for Bazaar.
After a few months of careful development, a chocolate-wrapped ice cream came out and engraved with four letters: "DOVE".
The special nature of chocolate and the higher demand for sale, put forward higher requirements for chocolate packaging, especially the requirement that the packaging not only has good water and gas barrier, temperature resistance, melting resistance, rancidity, anti-dialysis, anti-dialysis, anti-mildew Basic properties such as insect control and pollution prevention.
We found that both the inner and outer packaging of chocolate have the shadow of aluminum foil! In general, aluminum foil is used as the inner packaging of chocolate.
Chocolate is easy to lose and lose weight, so chocolate needs a package that guarantees that its weight is not lost, and aluminum foil can effectively ensure that its surface does not melt. Aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture and light protection. Aluminum foil also has the function of heat preservation and heat.
HTMM can produce food grade aluminum foil for chocolate wrapping . the quality certified by SGS, FDA, ISO. With more than 10 years of export experience, you don't have to worry about any problems after confirming the order, HTMM will arrange all problems of production and delivery.

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