Aluminium foil for cable

Cable aluminum foil refers to a film on the surface of aluminum foil, also known as aluminum foil composite tape. Cables coated with aluminum foil protect the cable from corrosion and shield the signal from leakage.
The aluminum foil alloy of the cable is 1235 and 8011. It is generally divided into O state and H18 state. The thickness of 8011 alloy is 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm or 0.2 mm. The aluminum foil produced by 8011 alloy has better performance than pure aluminum foil and has excellent moisture resistance. Shading performance, high barrier ability and anti-blasting, tear resistance, tasteless, non-toxic, safe and hygienic. The thickness of 1235 alloy is 0.025-0.05 mm and the width is 500 mm. The length is required. The commonly used 2050 mm or 3050 mm in China is basically 4000 mm or more.
The quality requirements of cable aluminum foil are mainly that the surface cannot have oil and aluminum ash. If the surface of the oil and aluminum ash affects the effect of the paint film, there should be no holes, and the hole will cause the strip to break during cutting, resulting in insufficient length and influence. Second, equipment efficiency must have high mechanical properties.
Processing cost of cable aluminum foil: the price is determined according to the thickness and state, the price of the thin thickness is higher, and the O state is slightly higher than the H18 state.
Application of cable aluminum foil: In the signal line, cable aluminum foil material is a widely used shielding material, mainly for shielding, radiation protection and anti-static effect. The thickness of the aluminum foil has a great relationship with the shielding effect. Generally, interference sources with frequencies below 1 GHz are difficult to penetrate aluminum foil with a thickness of 38 u or more. Of course, the shielding effect of the aluminum foil is inferior to that of the winding, and the shielding effect of the winding is inferior to that of the weaving, but usually, the braid and the aluminum foil are simultaneously present. Since the braided shield is a mesh structure, interference sources of a certain frequency and wavelength are woven, so the cable foil will receive these lost signals again, thereby achieving better shielding effect.

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