Aluminium foil for beer neck lable

Aluminium foil for beer neck lable

Many people know about beer , but many people don't know which part of the beer bottle is aluminum foil. Well, by the way, the aluminum foil on the bottle is the thin, wrinkled wine seal wrapped around the neck and mouth of the bottle. Because aluminum foil has good ductility, tensile properties and easy printing characteristics, in recent years, with the requirements of beer hygiene standards, aluminum foil wine seals have gradually been widely used in beer, fruit wine, and high-grade soy sauce bottlenecks, bottle mouth sealed packaging.
The beer label is like an identity card for wine, which contains many related information. Interpreting the label of a bottle of wine is equivalent to knowing its background before tasting its flavor.
The wine label is a business card for wine, and it is also an aluminum foil paper artwork. It expresses different content and themes with beautiful designs, different patterns and different colors. Covers a wealth of cultural and artistic information. It conveys and expresses people's different thoughts, aesthetic tastes and emotional attitudes in different areas and times with different contents and forms.

Aluminum foil is used for beer neck label packaging. The gorgeous side of aluminum foil is reflected in its elegant silver-white gloss. People can give full play to their imagination and print beautiful patterns and patterns with unique characteristics and colorful colors on it. It is more attractive, and the beauty and quality of the external image of the wine play a vital role.
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