Al Foil 8011 Food Grade

Al Foil 8011 Food Grade

Household aluminum foil can be used to keep our fruit fresh, it can be used for grilling, and it can also be used in hotel delivery food. The product is packaged in rolls and blocks, so it can be applied to different aspects during cooking, in the refrigerator or freezer, it can be wrapped around food, it can keep its shape, and it can avoid fish, vegetables, fruits Wait for the food to lose its original taste and keep it fresh.

It can also separate high-temperature charcoal fire and smoke, which can avoid carcinogens caused by scorched food, and is a healthier way to eat. Liquor and other products are mostly packaged in gold cards laminated with
Al Foil 8011 Food Grade
 and cardboard. Gold card packaging not only has a certain freshness and moisture-proof performance, but also has a beautiful and luxurious surface. The aluminum foil in cigarette packaging materials plays an important role in preserving fragrance and moisture.

HTMM can provide you with high-quality products, and we can accept you to visit our factory and test our products in any aspect. After more than ten years of wind and rain, our workers have accumulated rich production experience, so we are very confident in our products. If you are interested in our products, our staff will be very happy To provide you with more detailed product information.

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