14 Micron Aluminum Foil Jumbo Rolls

Our household aluminum foil roll is an excellent water and oil resistant household food packaging material. It can be reused, can isolate light and conduct heat. It is because of these to good advantages that it is being to gradually applied to the food to industry. 14 Micron Aluminum Foil Jumbo Rolls We manufacture in accordance with all applicable regulations for food grade materials, our company is ISO 9001, SGS, FDA certified. With more than 10 years of experience, our enthusiasm for new technology and innovation will never stop, and our efforts for continuous five-star service will never stop.


Advantages of processing our household foil with hot-rolled aluminum sheet. When the aluminum sheet is hot-worked, the coarse dendrites and various inclusions in the cast metal blank are elongated along the deformation direction. 14 Micron Aluminum Foil Jumbo Rolls Heat treatment cannot eliminate or change the distribution of streamlines in the workpiece. As the temperature increases, the plasticity of the metal increases, so the plasticity of the metal is better during hot rolling, that is, the processing performance of the metal is better , so that a large amount of deformation can be used for rolling, and metal can also be reduced. Crack edge and fracture loss, improving metal yield.

Aluminum roll application considerations
1. Precautions for the application of aluminum coils
1. The aluminum sealing head should be made of waterproof material to prevent bolt corrosion.
2. Before unpacking, it should be checked in time to ensure that the material is not worn, and to ensure normal use and normal service life.
3. If it is to be put into use, it should be at room temperature, and the temperature should not be too hot or too cold. If used as a roof, the temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees.

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