8079 battery soft aluminum foil

8079 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil are commonly used in 8 series aluminum foils. Due to their excellent properties, they are widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging, electronics and household goods, and are often used as packaging materials. Among them, 8079 aluminum foil is mainly used in batteries, so what are the advantages of 8079 battery soft aluminum foil?
First, aluminum foil can suppress battery polarization, reduce thermal effects, improve rate performance, and reduce battery life. Resistance and cyclic dynamic internal resistance increase; secondly, the use of aluminum foil packaged batteries can increase the battery's cycle life, improve the adhesion between active materials and current collectors, and reduce the manufacturing cost of pole shoes. The important point is that using aluminum foil to pack lithium batteries can significantly increase consistent battery pack usage and can significantly reduce battery production costs.
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