8079 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Aluminum foil for packaging is a widely used field of aluminum foil in China. With the development of industry, it has greatly stimulated the consumption of aluminum for packaging.
8079 aluminum foil has good oxidation resistance:
 The 8079 food packaging aluminum foil has good oxidation resistance, and a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum foil, which can well prevent contact with oxygen and has good corrosion resistance, thereby ensuring the integrity of the medicine. Therefore, aluminum foil is currently widely used in medical packaging products.Another advantage of using 8079 packaging aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is that the drug particles are individually packaged and opened one without affecting other drugs, which ensures the drug's efficacy. The medicinal aluminum foil can be widely used in the packaging of various medicine capsules, tablets and granules after being compounded, printed and coated.
8079  aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging
The consumption of 8079 packaging aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is about 71,400 tons. The development of pharmaceutical aluminum foil will be faster than the development of pharmaceutical products manufacturing industry. Compared with developed countries, the proportion of aluminum packaging in China in the field of pharmaceutical packaging is estimated to increase by 2% per year. In this year, the demand growth rate of packaging will reach 30.9%. We will approximate the growth rate of demand for medicinal aluminum foil. The demand for medicinal aluminum foil this year is 93,400 tons. HTMM is the leading supplier of aluminum foil raw materials for 8079 aluminum foil in China.
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