8011 H22 Aluminum Foil Used for Lunch Box Material

Environmental protection is a topic that will not fall behind. With the increase of population, the development and utilization of resources, and the deterioration of the environment are serious every day, energy conservation and environmental protection are necessary. The use of lunch boxes is not only about people's health, but also about environmental protection. In the past, the lunch boxes were made of plastic, which not only failed to recycle, but also aggravated white pollution. Now due to the extensive use of aluminum alloys, the performance advantages of aluminum foils have been applied. In the production of lunch boxes, 8011 H22 aluminum foil is used to make environmentally friendly lunch boxes.
8011 H22 aluminum foil is light in weight
8011 H22 aluminum foil is light in weight, meets national sanitary standards, and can be recycled. No toxic substances are produced during the treatment process, and it does not pollute renewable resources. It is often used in aviation food and cake food retailing. The update speed is fast, the consumption is large, and it is suitable for mass sales, and the cost is low. The use of the lunch box is relatively wide, and the popularization surface is relatively wide.
8011 H22 aluminum foil is both hygienic and beautiful
 8011 H22  aluminum foil for lunch box, due to its outstanding barrier properties, can completely block gas and moisture under the premise of sufficient thickness of 8011 aluminum foil. Therefore, aluminum foil is widely used in flexible packaging materials. As a commonly used barrier material, aluminum foil has a series of advantages such as good airtightness and coating. Of course, it is required to be hygienic and beautiful for food packaging, and these advantages are all available in 8011 H22 aluminum foil, so aluminum foil is used for production. The lunch box has great advantages.
8011 aluminum foil
8011 H22 aluminum foil is used as a lunch box material for energy saving and environmental protection. It is believed that it will be popularized in the near future.

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