8011 Aluminum foil use

Aluminum is one of the most expensive raw materials present. It is used every day, and it may not be known whether it is widely used, for example, we found it in streets, buildings, transportation vehicles, offices, houses, food preservation, packaging.
8011 aluminum foil is an alloy widely used in aluminum raw materials
8011 Aluminum foil use
In daily use, 8011 aluminum foil is particularly prominent in pharmaceutical and food-related applications.
The characteristic of 8011 aluminum foil that is the best choice for the pharmaceutical and food industry is that due to its high resistance to high temperature, humidity and corrosion, it can keep the drug in an ideal state, thereby protecting the drug from any external damage that may interfere with the drug chemistry Ingredients of drugs.
Also, because they have light resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance, they are very suitable for preserving food. Can ensure the longest shelf life. On the other hand, it is a raw material that does not emit odors or chemicals to food and therefore does not interfere with the flavor of the final product.
On the other hand, aluminum is one of the few raw materials in nature that can be recycled indefinitely without losing any characteristics during processing. This makes aluminum foil packaging an inevitable choice for success, and its circular economy places it at the top of profitability and efficiency.


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