8011 Aluminum Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging

8011 Aluminum Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging
8011 Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is usually used as the raw material of blister foil, which is the main material in pharmaceutical packaging. For the aluminum foil of pharmaceutical packaging, the pinhole degree will directly affect the protection of the pharmaceutical packaging to the medicine. Because if the pinhole of the medicinal aluminum foil happens to be in the blister, it means that the medicine is in direct contact with the outside air, and the protective function of the medicine packaging will be completely lost, which brings great risks to manufacturers and users. medicine. For most pharmaceutical manufacturers, this risk is unacceptable.

At present, the national standard "aluminum and aluminum alloy foil" for the production and inspection of primary aluminum foil is GB/T3198-2003. The relevant expressions of this standard and the aluminum foil pinhole degree standard are as follows: the diameter of the pinhole of the aluminum foil for medical packaging should not be greater than 0.3mm and not exceed 5 / m2. 

This expression stipulates two standard values ​​for the pinhole degree of raw aluminum foil: 
①The diameter of the pinhole shall not exceed 0.3mm 
②The diameter of the pinhole shall not exceed 5/m2. In the current industrial standard YBB00152002 for the production and inspection of aluminum blister foil.

The relevant regulations on pinhole degree are as follows:
 ①It is not allowed to use pinholes with a diameter greater than 0.3mm; 
②The number of pinholes with a diameter of 0.1-0.3mm Must not exceed 1 A (the number of pinholes less than 0.1mm is not specified).

8011 Pharmaceutical Aluminum foil packaging-blister packaging is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its beautiful appearance, good barrier properties, ease of use and portability. It is currently one of the main packaging used for solid dosage forms (such as pharmaceutical tablets and capsules).

8011 Aluminum Foil Pharmaceutical Packaging Storage
Since aluminum foil is different from aluminum plate, it is easy to store and transport. Therefore,
Aluminum Foil is very thin. If it is made into a plate shape, it will hardly damage its surface and performance. In the production process, the aluminum alloy is rolled into aluminum foil, and after a certain length, it is cut into aluminum foil rolls. Aluminum foil rolls of different thickness and width are used in different fields.
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