6061 Aluminum Plate

6061 Aluminum Plate

In this society where skinny is beautiful, there is a very interesting phenomenon. Whether it is the shining star on the stage or the young lady across from your house, they like to call themselves "foodies" and are proud of it. What's even more annoying is that although they love to eat, they are thin men who never gain weight, so that the handsome and beautiful women who drink a little cold water will grow fleshy. Speaking of eating, I have to mention the cake that is popular all over the world. All kinds of cakes on the market attract the taste buds of thousands of girls. Every time they pass the cake shop, do they feel heavy walking? Many girls with strong hands-on skills began to wonder about making them at home, which saves money and can Eating delicious cakes at any time is not only safe to eat, but also a great sense of accomplishment by doing it yourself. It is a great joy in life.
    Cakes are naturally inseparable from molds! What kind of material is used for cake molds to make them healthy? Generally speaking, anodized aluminum molds are the best, they are cheap and uncoated, so they are not harmful to the body. Due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminum and even heating, it is good for baking. From the perspective of the wide range of use, aluminum is used more. And it is strong and durable, not as heavy and fragile as porcelain. Although there are also silicone materials on the market, silicone molds are soft and it is not easy to separate the snacks from the molds. Generally speaking, aluminum baking molds are better.

Aluminum alloy molds on the market generally use 6061 aluminum plates.
6061 aluminum plate has medium strength, strong and durable, and good oxidation effect. The surface of aluminum mold forms dense aluminum oxide, which is not easy to corrode.

6061 aluminum sheet is one of HTMM's superior products. The "1+1" hot strip production line independently developed by HTMM is a production line specially developed and put into production for 6061 aluminum sheet, 2 series, 7 series, 5 series aluminum sheet and other high-end products. The 6061T6 aluminum sheet produced by the company is far superior to the peers. It can produce sheets with a thickness of 0.6mm, and has the characteristics of good oxidation effect, small deformation after processing, and uniform quenching. It couldn't be better for the production of cake molds.

Customers generally have the following requirements for 6061 aluminum plates: first, the thickness tolerance of the plate surface is required to be small (generally a positive tolerance), secondly, the hardness must be up to the standard (HB is above 95 degrees), and the deformation after processing must be small, and the last is The flatness is better, and HTMM can meet the needs of customers well.

Specific specifications of 6061 medium-thick aluminum plates for food molds
    Thickness: 3-600mm
    Width: 500-2650mm
    Length: 500-16000mm
    Product status: O, H*2, H*4, H18, H111, H112

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