3003 H24 Aluminum Foil for lunch box

The aluminum foil lunch box is a lunch box made of 3003 H24 aluminum foil by deep processing. It can play an effective role in heat insulation, so it is used in a large number of places where it is cold and fresh.
With the development and expansion of the takeaway industry, many stores have begun to use aluminum foil lunch boxes, especially some foods that require insulation, such as porridge, barbecue, noodles, and some fast food. The use of aluminum foil lunch boxes can effectively maintain the heat of food, so as to prevent the food from dissipating deliciousness due to the decrease in temperature during take-out.
The use of aluminum foil lunch boxes to maintain the temperature of the food allows customers to taste the original deliciousness made by the store, bringing more repeat customers to the store, and avoiding many customers being disappointed because the food becomes cold during take-out.
It also facilitates customers, allowing customers to taste the delicious food prepared by the store without leaving home.
Therefore, both in the takeaway industry and the express delivery industry are loved by many shops.
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