3003 aluminum foil for container material

Aluminum foil has a high recovery and regeneration, can be unlimited renewable recycling, and to maintain its original characteristics.
3003 Aluminum foil containers can withstand the temperature changes well, at -20 ° C-250 ° C high and low temperature, the molecular structure is stable does not change. Its use temperature can be from freezing to extreme baking and barbecuing, during which the foil is not deformed, does not rupture, does not melt or scorch, and does not produce harmful substances.
Although the aluminum foil is very thin, but the barrier is strong, can completely block the light, gas and other substances, improve the degree of preservation and protection of moisture, and to prevent the leakage or mixed taste, can effectively maintain the original flavor and characteristics.
Aluminum foil has a wide range of uses, such as aerospace food packaging, general meat packaging, cable foil and building insulation.
Aluminum foil packaging is used to protect against moisture and to prevent air leakage. It also makes the goods or items look more beautiful, more attractive, enhances the aesthetics and quality of the product's appearance, and plays a vital role in the hygiene and shelf life of the product.
3003 Aluminum foil products manufacturers can according to the needs of food processing enterprises and catering enterprises in the aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers for color printing, surface coating, embossing, embossing.
Henan tendeli metallurgical materials Co., Ltd. is a specialized in 3003 aluminum foil processing with the production of companies, the company set up more than 10 years, with rich experience in aluminum foil processing.
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