Aluminium foil production technology

Rolling oil lubrication cooling technology
Narrow cut, low aromatic high-grade rolling oil will play an important role in improving rolling efficiency and ensuring the surface quality of aluminum foil. The rolling oil purification technology has developed rapidly. Achenbach is a rolling mill manufactured by the Canadian Corus Group Reycan. Its rolling oil SUPERSTACK II filter is a horizontal plate type, which ensures that solid particles larger than 0.5 μm and most aluminum soap are removed after filtering the rolling oil. Compounds; the residual amount of impurities in the rolling oil is continuously monitored by CONDUSEN sensors. These high-precision sensors are installed on the dirty oil circuit and clean oil circuit of the filter, and the filtering effect is always monitored.
Aluminium foil alloy composition
The composition range of aluminum foil alloys is gradually expanding, especially the production and use of aluminum foils produced by hot-rolled slabs, 1235,1100,1050,8079, 8011, 8014, 8021, and 8006. This is beneficial to reduce the number of pinholes in double zero foil, improve mechanical properties and surface quality.
New progress in grain refinement technology
The research and application of the new generation Al-Ti-C grain refining technology have received much attention. The TiB2 particles in the Al-Ti-B refiner are easy to aggregate, which damages the surface quality of the product and causes pinholes in the packaging aluminum foil, while Cr and Zr can cause TiB2 particles to be poisoned, leading to obvious early attenuation of the effect. Al-Ti-C refiner can overcome the above disadvantages. Well-known foreign grain refiner production and aluminum processing companies, such as LSM, KBM, SMC, VAW and other companies have carried out research on the mechanism, production and application technology of Al-Ti-C grain refiner. According to reports, the application prospects of Al-Ti-C in DC casting and thin plate rapid casting and rolling mills are promising, which is conducive to reducing the pinhole ratio of double zero aluminum foil and improving the surface quality of aluminum foil.
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