Sixth-generation food packaging makes life better

Food grade Aluminium Foil packaging manufacturer

Aluminium is a gem given to mankind by God. Aluminum will replace wood and even stone. Through recycling, the use of aluminum is constantly changing, and the quality is consistent. This is the biggest contribution of aluminum to the earth.

Aluminum foil material is known as the safest, green and environmentally friendly food packaging material. To be safe and healthy, use sixth-generation aluminum foil. Packaging has become an important part of the product, which is very important for food and beverage companies. Good packaging can not only escort food quality, but also let consumers eat with peace of mind.

In the field of food safety, the HTMM Group has spent ten years in research and development of "cast-rolling instead of hot-rolling" short-flow process, forming a competitive advantage of fast product delivery, good quality, and low production costs, becoming a high-quality aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier. Focusing on the production of 0.006-0.1mm high-quality aluminum foil, high-quality food-grade aluminum foil, which is widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, etc., and has become a leading domestic aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier, and its products are exported to nearly 100 countries worldwide And regions.

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