Improvement of the service quality, Challenge of the Championship

In August, when the osmanthus blooms everywhere. In the three teams of our company's TENDELI, we held a grand launch of the seasonal sales competition about personal achievement.Chairman Li of the Group made important instructions on business development and service quality. Then the Business Manager Li, made specific arrangements.
First of all, Chairman Li made a speech on the theme of “concentrating and co-winning the future”. With vivid cases, point out the positive emotions and logical thinking could determine the state and the decision, at the same time affecting the surrounding atmosphere. All the participants are enthusiastic and devoting their applause and cheers for this memorable moment.
The business department manager Li announced the competition plan and made the game rules.
Manager Li, who has accumulated many years of business experience and good performance, has made "Only the win the resplendence could be leisurely. Only the KPI could be the solid roots for the career growth. Only the battlefield can make people become a general." At the same time, the statement: all business personnel will hold up the wind and waves, and bravely move forward.
All the salesmen are gearing up, vowed to win the sales champion, and the new generations took
the stage to express their vision: to have thier own legend in this field. All the sales
attendance signed the sales guarantee one by one.

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