Aluminium Household Foil Raw Material

Aluminium Household Foil Raw Material

Aluminum foil (or aluminum foil in North America; often informally called tin foil) is aluminum made from a thin metal leaf less than 0.2 mm (7.9 mil) thick; thinner gauges down to 6 microns (0.24 mil) are also commonly used . Aluminium foil is used around the world to protect and package food, cosmetics, chemicals and so on. Among them, aluminum foil is the most used in the field of food packaging.

Aluminium Household Foil Raw Material is widely used in food packaging. Their silvery, textured look is appealing. Maybe humans, like dragons, like shiny things. Everyone has a beautiful heart. Using aluminum foil as a food packaging bag can ensure the flavor, color and temperature of the food and prolong the shelf life. Therefore, many food factories began to use aluminum foil as a packaging material. Why is aluminum foil the material of choice for food packaging? This has to do with its unique properties. Aluminum foil has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance and water resistance, and can adapt to various environments. The food processing production environment has little effect on its performance. Easy to process. Aluminum has a low melting point, good heat sealability, and is very easy to form, and can be processed into any shape according to the mold. The processed aluminum foil has excellent ductility and can be used to wrap foods of different shapes. It is also convenient for surface treatment, processes such as embossing can make the aluminum foil look more beautiful, thereby promoting consumption.

In addition, Aluminium Household Foil Raw Material has high recovery and reproducibility with limited mass loss and maintains original properties. The aluminum foil lunch box can be easily compressed after use, easy to sort, thus reducing the amount of waste.


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