Where you can use 3003 Aluminium foil ?

3003 aluminum foil has corrosion resistance and excellent forming ability. 3003 aluminum alloy is mainly composed of manganese. The pure aluminum content is about 98%. In addition to manganese, 3003 also contains copper. 3003 cannot be heat treated. Its strength is in the medium range. The outstanding feature of 3003 aluminum foil alloy is its excellent processability in soft state. 3003 can be soldered, brazed and soldered, and anodized to provide protection. Due to its good workability, it can be used in many areas: office equipment, kitchen appliances, building structures, decorative elements, awnings and heat exchangers. 3003 aluminum foil is ideal for producing food containers.
The containers produced by aluminum foil 3003 are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The surface is clean and non-toxic. Aluminum foil provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria. Therefore, aluminum foil is widely used to keep food safe and fresh for a long time.

The produced aluminum foil alloy 3003 aluminum container is used in the restaurant, which can easily and flexibly transport food to another place. This makes them the most hygienic and convenient way to package foods.
Food-grade aluminum foil is an essential item in the kitchen, which can lock the freshness of food and make your family or guests' diet healthier!

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