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Aluminium foil for Flexible packaging manufacturers

The sheet and foil produced by the aluminum industry is widely used in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry because aluminum is non-toxic, non-adsorbing, non-fragile, inhibits bacterial growth and can be cleaned with steam. The low volume specific heat of aluminum can be energy efficient when the container or conveyor belt has to enter the heating or freezing zone. The non-sparking nature of aluminum is invaluable to flour mills and other plants that are vulnerable to fire and explosion hazards. The corrosion resistance of aluminum is important for packaging and transporting brittle goods, valuable chemicals and cosmetics. Sealed aluminum containers for air, shipping, train and truck shipments for the transport of chemicals that are not suitable for bulk.
The packaging industry has always been one of the important consumer markets for aluminum, and it has developed rapidly. In 2005, the world's packaging and container aluminum accounted for about 2l% of the global aluminum production. Packaging products include household packaging materials, flexible packaging, food containers, bottle caps, hoses, beverage cans, food cans, etc.
Aluminum beverage cans are a successful example of the application history of aluminum; aluminum food cans are also accelerating into the market, soft drinks, beer, coffee, fast food, meat, alcohol, can be packaged in aluminum cans; draft beer It can be shipped in aluminum-clad aluminum drums; aluminum is also widely used in packaging hoses for toothpaste, food, ointments and pigments, as well as flexible bags for pharmaceuticals. To sum up, the main forms of aluminum for packaging are:
1 Flexible packaging bags made of aluminum foil for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics industry;
2 semi-rigid containers made of aluminum foil (boxes, cups, cans, saucers, small boxes);
3 household aluminum foil and aluminum foil for food packaging;
4 sealing caps for metal cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles;
5 rigid aluminum cans, especially two-piece aluminum beer cans and soft drink cans (hard cans);
6 composite foil container;
7 soft tubular containers;
8 large rigid packaging containers, such as containers, refrigerators, beer kegs, oxygen cylinders, liquefied natural gas tanks, etc.

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