Production of food grade packaging foil

Green, starting from scratch. Have you ever thought that aluminum products can be related to environmental protection, and listen to the small series. We all know that aluminum foil plays a huge role in the field of food packaging. We should know that aluminum foil can be recycled, so the use of aluminum foil packaging can greatly reduce our waste of energy and resources and promote green development.
We should be glad that a small choice will allow us to enjoy environmentally friendly work while enjoying the food.
► Aluminum foil packaging has many advantages:
1, can go to the "iceberg" (minus 50 degrees), can "fire sea" (up to 121 degrees), can be used for high temperature cooking;
2, good oil resistance and special fragrance performance;
3, excellent barrier performance, strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof;
4. Good heat sealing performance and high softness;
5, non-toxic, tasteless, health and safety in line with national health standards
Aluminum foil packaging provides a solution to food waste, ensuring food preservation, so that we can enjoy and taste the original taste. The longer the food preservation period, the less waste it will be; it is not only conveniently integrated into our lives, but also protects our environment and our future.
As the first brand in the aluminum processing industry, HTMM produces aluminum foil in line with national standards and wins customer satisfaction. At present, it can provide 8011 aluminum alloy and O-state packaging aluminum foil for food manufacturing enterprises. On the basis of the guaranteed version and the quality of the layout, black oil spots, bright lines, roll marks, small black wires, scratches and bumps are eliminated. Problems such as the addition of mosquitoes appear. We guarantee that the finished product thickness should be controlled within ±4%. Relying on mature packaging technology, the perfect transportation system ensures that the process from the factory to the delivery of the customer avoids oxidation.

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