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Industrial aluminum foil roll with a thickness of 0.005 to 0.2 mm is mainly used in electrolytic capacitors, heat insulation materials, moisture-proof materials, cigarettes, food, pharmaceutical packaging and cables. The chemical composition of industrial aluminum foil should meet the requirements. Harmful elements of industrial aluminum foil for food and medical packaging should comply with regulations. Aluminum foil quality inspection mainly includes thickness / width dimension inspection, appearance quality inspection, intrinsic quality inspection and mechanical performance inspection.
Mechanical behavior
When the user has requirements for the mechanical properties of general industrial aluminum foil (except for aluminum foil for cables). The room temperature longitudinal mechanical properties of aluminum foil for cables shall meet the requirements. The thickness deviation of industrial aluminum foil at any point shall meet the requirements. The width deviation of aluminum foil should meet the requirements. The diameter of the aluminum foil is determined through consultation between the supply and demand sides. The width of the aluminum foil should be equal to or greater than the width of the aluminum foil, but not more than 5 mm.
Surface Quality
The surface of industrial aluminum foil should be clean and flat, and any defects that affect the use, such as corrosion and cracking, are not allowed. Allows use of minor oil marks, ripples, wrinkles and print marks that do not affect the use. There should be no oil spots on the surface of aluminum foil, and the surface brushing test should reach B or A level. The surface of medicinal aluminum foil should have as little grease as possible, and the surface wetting tension value should not be less than 32X10-N / m. The surface of industrial-grade aluminum foil allows pinholes visible to the naked eye, but the pinholes must not be tightly packed. The diameter of pinholes of medicinal aluminum foil shall not be greater than 0.3mm, and shall not exceed 5 / m2. The pinhole size of other industrial pure aluminum foil should not exceed 0.5mm.

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