Hydrophilic aluminum foil manufacturers

Hydrophilic aluminum foil manufacturers 

Hydrophilic aluminum foil is a hydrophilic treatment of aluminum foil. Through a special process, a hydrophilic layer is coated on the surface. The condensed water will quickly spread on the hydrophilic aluminum foil and will not condense into water droplets, increasing heat exchange. Area, speed up the cooling and heating speed, and also effectively avoid the noise caused by condensed water hindering air flow.
Advantages of hydrophilic aluminum foil:
 1. Hydrophilic aluminum foil can increase anti-corrosion, anti-mold, and non-odor function;
 2. The condensed water on the surface of the heat exchange sheet is evenly distributed on the surface. The hydrophilic aluminum foil will not cause the blockage between the heat exchange sheets due to the formation of water droplets, which will affect the heat exchange conditions, thereby increasing the heat exchange rate by 5%;
3. As the water is no beads, the noise caused by vibration is also reduced accordingly;
4. The hydrophilic aluminum foil can also prevent the oxidized powder of the air conditioner from blowing into the room to adversely affect the human body and meet environmental protection requirements;
5. The hydrophilic aluminum foil for the air conditioner's heat sink should meet the requirements of YS / T95.2--2001.
 Color of hydrophilic aluminum foil
There are many colors of hydrophilic aluminum foil: white, colorless, green, blue, black, gold and so on. At present, most domestic air-conditioning manufacturers use blue aluminum foil, while LG and other manufacturers use white and gold. Japan and other manufacturers use more colorless. In fact, there is not much difference in terms of processing cost. Colorless processing is easier. Many, the surface requirements of the aluminum foil material are not very strict, the general can be. At present, domestic air-conditioning aluminum foils (whether domestic or commercial) are mostly hydrophilic aluminum foils, and a few use epoxy aluminum foils (epoxy aluminum foils have better corrosion resistance, but they are more expensive, so try to use them in areas with high air acidity and alkalinity) However, domestic air conditioners abroad use hydrophilic aluminum foil, commercial air conditioners use hydrophobic aluminum foil, and a few use epoxy aluminum foil.
Uses of hydrophilic aluminum foil
Hydrophilic aluminum foil is a necessary material for various air-conditioning, refrigerator, freezer and other refrigeration products. It is suitable for air-conditioning surface cooler aluminum strip aluminum foil, evaporator aluminum strip aluminum foil, condenser aluminum strip aluminum foil, and aluminum strip aluminum foil for air conditioning heat sinks. Wood and so on. The hydrophilic foil produced by HTMM Company has good mechanical properties and hydrophilic properties, and can meet the stamping requirements of various types of punches for the production of heat sinks.

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