How to choose aluminized packaging and aluminum foil packaging

How to choose aluminized packaging and aluminum foil packaging, custom packaging due to a variety of styles, different composite materials result in different product performance. To everyone to popularize the difference between aluminized packaging and aluminum foil packaging and which is more suitable for you.
1) Aluminized film packaging is to cook a thin aluminum layer on the plastic film, which is essentially a plastic film, and aluminum foil is a metal, which is the essential difference.
2) The barrier property of aluminum coating is far worse than aluminum foil, because the thickness of aluminum layer is not as thick as aluminum foil
3) There are many types of aluminum film, such as aluminum PET film, aluminum CPP film, aluminum OPP film, aluminum PVC film, aluminum nylon film, aluminum PE film, and even aluminum TPU film And so on. The aluminum foil is aluminum foil, of course, the thickness of the aluminum foil is different, the purpose is also different, generally aluminum foil used for flexible packaging is very thin, the thickness is 0.006mm-0.009mm.
4) The cost of aluminum coating is low, and the cost of aluminum foil is high.
5) Since aluminum foil is a metal material, if it is folded, there will be creases that cannot be removed, and aluminum plating is a plastic film, which will not happen.
6) The stiffness of aluminum foil packaging is higher than that of aluminum-plated film. Of course, this is the case where other conforming layers are determined.
In summary, if your product needs to be protected from light, water and air, it is recommended that you use aluminum foil packaging. Aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture resistance, air tightness, shading, wear resistance, corrosion protection, and further improves the importance of aluminum foil as a packaging material. The shielding performance of water vapor, air, ultraviolet rays and bacteria. If the storage conditions of your product are not so demanding, the product outer packaging is required to look better.Some recommend you use aluminized packaging.
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