High quality double zero aluminum foil

The production of high quality double zero aluminum foil begins with the casting of rolled billets. Blanks are the basis for the production of aluminum foil and are a prerequisite for high quality and low cost.
Under normal circumstances, there are two production processes for double zero aluminum foil blanks: one is produced by hot rolling-cold rolling into aluminum foil blanks; the other is produced by casting-cold rolling into aluminum foil blanks. The metallurgical quality, plate shape and surface quality of aluminum foil blanks have an important influence on the production of aluminum foil. The quality of the blanks is low, the aluminum foil rolling cannot be stably carried out, and the production efficiency, finished product quality and yield rate are reduced.
The chemical composition and intrinsic fiber structure of the aluminum foil blank directly determine the rolling properties and mechanical properties of the double zero aluminium foil. The aluminum foil blank should have sufficient strength and toughness during rolling and use to withstand the thinning deformation under external force, to prevent breakage or breakage, and to achieve a bright and uniform surface quality.
Our factory is our own double zero aluminum foil blank, we can produce high quality aluminum foil. It can reduce the number of pinholes in double-zero aluminum foil, improve mechanical properties and surface quality.
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